Poverty, a word and a state of people, which is often mistaken as the pitiable state of some people who can’t afford food, shelter, clothing and money. But in true words, it also means that it’s a state in which a person is deprived of some comfort or happiness that may either be due to his own fault or no one’s.

Some people are so poor that they can’t just afford a piece of cloth or a slice of bread, but sometimes, these maybe just  the same people who know a lot about life, about saving money and about being non-demanding. On the other side, some people are really rich that even if they live in a bungalow and have nice BMW, Lamborgini and Land Rover like cars, they’d still crave for more.

Poorness or richness does not lie with what car you own what clothes who wear or where you go, but it lies with the fact that how much open-minded and open-hearted you are. I guess your heart never said to you that bring me a Mini Cooper and give me a ride in it, and after that I’ll behave good.

General people treat poor people as they’re not humans, but, on the contrary, the way that those people behave doesn’t look like human at all, atleast to me. People have so much black hearts that you just can’t imagine what they do.

Even if someone is extremely beautiful from the face, if he’s selfish then I must say he’s pretty poor. If someone is already saving money with bare hands, and still helps someone out, then trust me, he is as richer as he gets with this personality.

At last, just the remembering quotations,” You are poor if you’re selfish, cruel, greedy, rude, arrogant and a sucker in love. You are rich if you’re helpful, affectionate, kind, generous, happy and a believer in love”.