Yes, my mom. A little letter to my mom and every other mom who loves her child more than anything else.

She smiled at me, with tears in her eyes.
“Lord! I can’t be more happy than how happy I am today because today’s the day you are settled in your life. You are happy today, you are successful today. You don’t know what it means to me, darling.”  She didn’t say it yet but she will, after I’d have settled in my life. Then, she’ll relieve all her stresses and worries about me.

Subject: Mom, please stay with me forever.

Mom, all my life, what you did for me, I know I can’t pay you back all that worth. But I know one thing, I’ll love you till my last breath and after.

You loved me, scolded me, slapped me, kept my secrets, made me understand things, kept telling me about wrongs and rights of life, laughed with me too hard, sacrificed your comforts for mine, gave me the best level of knowledge that a mother can give, cried for me, cared for me, got worried if I got hurt, and loved me even if I was the bad one.

You were always there when no one else was. When everyone betrayed me and said bad to me, you were there to love me unconditionally and still make me happy.

You’re the most beautiful woman I know. I know sometimes, even I hurt you and don’t realise it. Forgive me for each mistake I made, whether big or small. Promise me that you’ll always love me like this for the life ahead becauseI really can’t live without you.
Your daughter,

Just love your parents and you’ll never ever fail in life. Your mom is your everything and your dad is your superhero. You can’t unlove them, ever. But do yourself and your parents a favour, achieve something in your life. They’ll have no space left for regrets and you’ll see their happy faces for the life coming ahead of you.

A last quote for every mother from her child,” I don’t know where the infinity goes, but please hold my hand tight till it ends.”