Twilight series is one of the most fascinating fiction novel and movie parts, and literally, the most time-wasting, bullshit love-fiction story only for the boys. But girls do love it!

Here are the 5 things that girls love about twilight series but guys DON’T :-

#1. Girls- “Oh those romantic scenes, those kisses, those passionate looks. I wish I was Bella.”
Guys- “Wtf! That bitch is dating two animals. Can’t she find a human for herself. I’d kill my girlfriend if she was Bella.”

#2. Girls- “I’ll plan a weekend stay with my boyfriend at my home and we’ll watch the first two parts together. Oh he’ll be so romantic after watching those parts!”
Guys- “Now this shit comes along my way. Is she crazy? How will I manage to watch that movie again? It’s actually better to get drunk and tell her that I’m sick with alcohol poisoning.”

#3. Girls- “Bella’s having two dates at one time. She can choose anyone she loves more. I guess I also need to have an option in case my boyfriend turns dumb.
Guys- “How can she even think of loving two persons at a time? That’s pretty ridiculous. These movie makers and writers are so dumb that they’re urging girls to go out and find another spare piece boyfriend to be passionate with and relate their story to twilight.”

#4. Girls’ “Oh! Edward is so white and so cute. How can he be so charming?! I have a crush on him since I watched the movie for the first time. His eyes are so beautiful!
Guys- “That Edward guy is a really screwed character. I mean, he must’ve used a 100 bottles of foundation in all the series. He can be white, but not that much. I hate when people show these kinds of kinky things in the movies. Plus, he’s made to wear those ghastly lens in which he looks “hot” to the girls. I mean, I also should go out and buy a pair of gray lenses, would I look hot? Never.”

#5. Girls- “I loved the concept of the movie. This romantic fiction series is my favourite and I’ll nevet get tired of watching it again and again.
Guys- “I never understood the basic concept or meaning of these movies and that’s why I don’t like it. In fact, even the action performed is too much overacting. I hate this thing about twilight.

This is a list based on my face-to face survey with over 60 people. Moreover, this is only a humor-creating list. Nothing personal, nothing serious honey. 🙂