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Poverty- what it really means?

Poverty, a word and a state of people, which is often mistaken as the pitiable state of some people who can’t afford food, shelter, clothing and money. But in true words, it also means that it’s a state in which a person is deprived of some comfort or happiness that may either be due to his own fault or no one’s.

Some people are so poor that they can’t just afford a piece of cloth or a slice of bread, but sometimes, these maybe just  the same people who know a lot about life, about saving money and about being non-demanding. On the other side, some people are really rich that even if they live in a bungalow and have nice BMW, Lamborgini and Land Rover like cars, they’d still crave for more.

Poorness or richness does not lie with what car you own what clothes who wear or where you go, but it lies with the fact that how much open-minded and open-hearted you are. I guess your heart never said to you that bring me a Mini Cooper and give me a ride in it, and after that I’ll behave good.

General people treat poor people as they’re not humans, but, on the contrary, the way that those people behave doesn’t look like human at all, atleast to me. People have so much black hearts that you just can’t imagine what they do.

Even if someone is extremely beautiful from the face, if he’s selfish then I must say he’s pretty poor. If someone is already saving money with bare hands, and still helps someone out, then trust me, he is as richer as he gets with this personality.

At last, just the remembering quotations,” You are poor if you’re selfish, cruel, greedy, rude, arrogant and a sucker in love. You are rich if you’re helpful, affectionate, kind, generous, happy and a believer in love”.


Equality in India

Do you know what equality means in India? A mere waste of alphabets.

Equality is of many types. Religion, caste, creed, gender, education, implementation of rules, punishments of violence, these are a few to name. By writing what I think does not mean that I don’t have respect for my country or my religion but it simply means that I’m just giving my opinions and urging the readers all around the world to help us in equalizing every inequality in India.

First of all, the most prevalent of all inequalities is the gender equality. Men in India think that women are too subordinate to excel in every field. I humbly accept that we, women are a weaker race physically and mentally too. We can’t reach men’s level. But ignoring this part, men still think of women too subordinate and weak to do anything, just anything. Due to all this, mishappenings take place. Women get raped, abused, tortured, and are told that they are capable of nothing. In this darkness of guilt, most women end their life.

Next, there is a caste and creed inequality. In India, there are hundreds of religions and thousands of castes. People are divided based on the religion they belong to. Hinduism is considered the supreme religion and some of the subordinate religions are Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and many others. Every person of every religion wants to be superior and power-holder. In this rat run for power, there occurs fights, chaos, and disturbances in the country. Even the political leaders use the religion distinction as a weapon against the people to win their seats and eat more money.

The third most important factor is education. Generally, people tend to give their male child a higher education than their female child. They name all their wealth in the name of their son and think of a girl child as a curse who will bring misfortune to the family when it comes to her education and family. But in fact, it’s the total opposite of what people think. Girls can really do better than the boys.

If there’s anything more to add or if I’ve written something wrong, please do comment. But if anyone understands the situation going on here, then please google search campaigns in india on women and girls. You’ll surely find something worth helping us and our country. Thank you.

The Unknown Road

I’ve walked
Walked long enough
On the known road
I know now it has nothing in store.

Every time I would go
And fail every time
Every time I would resist
Would come again next time.

I couldn’t help it
I’m too used to it
It’s not worth it
But I can’t stop it.

Now I’ve decided
To go where no one knows
What I want and how I want it
Now I’m determined
To go on the unknown road.

Where no one has any problems
With my happinesses
And where no one rejoices
When I have tears in my eyes.

I migh not know
Where it leads
But I’ll surely get the result
At the end

It maybe lead to infinity
But I’ll keep on moving
Maybe it never ends
But I’ll keep succeeding.

With ever step
With every second
I’ll go
Towards my satisfaction.

There will be no people
Who insult me or hate me
There will be no one
Who thinks bad of me.

Maybe then, I’ll succeed
Maybe then, I’ll shine
I’ll grow
I’ll bloom, maybe then.

I’ll have no worries
All there would be left
Is the regret
That I could not succeed before.

I’ll make my life
Do it alone
Alone I’ll be stronger
And much more happier than I am now.

You know me.

You know me,
Deep down
Inside your heart
You know me
Because you are me.

Never have I met you
Maybe never will I meet you
But in my heart you will be there
Before I die and after.

I will find you in the next life
And I will choose you
I will love you
Over and over.

Don’t cry when I die
Just embrace me in yourself
So that I’ll know you love me
I’ll know I have to come back.

When I would lie there
Behind those wooden logs
I’ll look through
Be sure to look at me and smile.

When I’ll burn to ashes
Look at me and say
I’ll meet you again my love
I swear I would listen.

I wouldn’t be able to reply you
But I’ll show a sign
To tell you that
I’ll come to you in my next life.

When you pick up my ashes
And flow them in the holy river
Remember that where I’m going
Leads to a new world.

A world where we are together
Holding hands and kissing
Being in each other’s arms
And watching the sun set.

I’ll wait for that
I’ll wait for you to kiss me
Kiss me on the forehead and say
Look darl, we’re one again.

My love isn’t like other ones
It’s different
That’s why I know
We’ll be together in the next life

I promise I’ll find you there too
I’ll never get disheartened
But you have to promise too
To search for me only if you’d love me.

Life’s tough
But I want to got through it with you
So that we’ll not have one
But two and more lives with each other.

I’ll wait honey
For you
I’ll wait in my next life
And the ones coming next.

I’ll never stop
I’ll never go away
I’ll do anything
Just to find you

If I live
I live it with you
If I die
I’ll die before you.

Each time each day
Each minute each second
I’ll do this
In each of my life.

That’s because I love you honey
And I always will
That’s because I can’t live without you
And I never will.

-Your love

What is hate?

Hate is a word
It is a feeling.
It is an expression.
It is a choice.
It is a destroyer.
It is annoying.
It is easy.
It is selfish.
It is an oppression.
It is weird.
It is greedy.
It is an opposition.
Hate is hate.

I loved You

The way I loved you,
Nobody else can.
The way I held you,
Nobody else can.

You left me crying,
Slowly and painfully dying.
You weren’t there,
When, to be happy, I was trying.

How can you be so black-hearted?
How can you blame me?
I don’t just understand how,
You can hurt me.

I’ve loved you and I will love you,
For the coming life.
And after that,
I’ll love you not for what you are but for who you are.

Inspite of all the heart breaks,
I’ll stand by you.
I’ll forgive you each time,
Each time, I’ll love you.

Till infinity and beyond

Battles of hearts


That day, in my life
When I saw you first.
I didn’t know I’d have
Your thirst.

To crave to meet you
Counting how many days left.
I didn’t know you were so beautiful
Until I came and saw for myself.

You were shining
Like a star to me.
On a clear night
Which I love to see.

Oh! That look
How can I forget?
When you looked at me with love
For the first time we met.

Your love
Made me happy made me sad.
How can I ever get over
The love we had.

It’s not easy to live nor it is to die
But I’ll try and spend it by your side
Everything I’ll do, I’ll remember you
It’s a battle of hearts honey,
I cannot win, neither can you.

We’re flowers in the same garden

“Oh yes, we’re the flowers that bloom.
But alas! We have a limit,
We will die soon.”


I am a human.
I have a fate
As same as flowers.

I bloom, I grow
But till when
I don’t know

When my beauty’s at peak
It’s crazy to know
For me, many people seek.

Some people hate
Some love
Some leave me on my fate.

Some will smell my goodness
Some will resist me
Some will show their interest less.

Some will water me
Help me where they can
Some will sit and watch me in vain.

The end, when it comes
I have two fates
To die by myself or let them kill me.

I have two fates
To be plucked by someone and end
Or to die my age.

– Khushnoor

Our soul our nourishment.

What worries you? What relaxes you? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What makes you fall in love? What makes you hate? So many questions but the answer is, your soul. Your soul is what makes you do everything, feel everything, and control everything that, right now, is happening in your life.


You may have heard the name “the third eye”. Most may not know the meaning. Some may think it to be a kind of superstition. But , in reality, even in science, the third eye exists. It’s our inner eye, our mind’s eye, where we have the power to think, depict or imagine a scene which is not present in reality and both of our physical eyes can’t see it. You may have experienced this when you are being told a story but it has no pictures but you yourself put it into a movie of different scenes. That, honey, is the third eye, always enlightening you and showing you the right and faithful path of life.

You are sad sometimes, you are happy sometimes, and you feel even empty sometimes, with no feeling at all. Then, you blame people for all this, you blame your destiny, your faith, your life, your everything for all this. After that, what you do is you take up a pistol and shoot yourself or the people who make you suffer, end of story, no, actually it’s an end of life.

A week ago, I heard a true incident about a man who was my acquaintance. He was going through a state of depression from the last 2-3 months. When his family asked about the reasons or his desires that may not have been fulfilled, he asked for none and instead told them that he just wants to kill himself and he would surely do this someday. He just had no reason for getting depressed. Sometimes, you see life from a point where nothing is logical and everything is a waste. He did what he said, he shot two bullet right into his stomach a week ago. Now he’s in ICU and doctors are so surprised to know that both the bullets just hit his flesh and no internal parts. That, my friend, was God’s will to save him. But, something was left unnoticed by the doctors or his family. It was that if he really wanted to die and live no more, then why would he shoot himself in the stomach but not his heart or his brain? Now, that is a big question. His inner soul didn’t want to die, he had a hope to live. By shooting himself, he wanted to feel the pain, he wanted to get noticed by his family that he can do anything anytime. But actually, it was purely his soul resisting him to not to die.

This is a great example for those who are going through a stage of depression or a heartbreak. Your life does not end here. Your life doesn’t end if your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up, your life doesn’t end if you don’t get a good pay at job, your life doesn’t end if you get abused without a reason, your life just doesn’t end whenever you like it to be ended and you think it’s over.

Every single person on this earth of seven billion human beings has his own soul and his own way of life. You can cry over not having cookies to eat, or else you can stay happy and smile even if life hits you in the head. It’s your life, it’s your choice, to make it happy, to make it work. But ending your life and giving yourself the blame for every single problem is the problem itself. Do not end your life, do not fall slaves to destiny, make your destiny and you shall succeed in life with a smile.

At last, I would just say that, ” Nourish you souls, succeed in every way, and you may surely find your very own way to heaven”.

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